Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Alright lets talk about Combat Shields.
I'm not too happy about this because of the fact that it's now a 6+ invulnerable save. It works all the time, but it's still only a 6+. I would much rather pay the 5/10 extra points for the 3+. Sure, you can attach it to the pistol and keep your extra attack. But the key to the game in my opinion is SURVIVABILITY. My current list that I'm playing with is built around this rule. It's a mechanized assault with either units that are very durable in close combat, or kill everything before it can be hit back. So the Combat Shields are a no go in my opinion.

Holy Orb of Antioch
It has now been changed to a normal blast weapon, meaning it scatters now. This isn't too bad because the guy who is throwing it is at BS5. In the past, you would just roll to hit as normal like a pistol, and once you hit, you then place the template. No scatter and a lot of fun. But there was always that chance on a 1 you would miss. Either way, for 10 points, glancing a high armor vehicle or wounding a high toughness unit on a 2+ is just great. The downside to this is... Being a Assault Weapon, you're most likely throwing it at the unit you are about to assault. What if it scatters onto yourself? Well now you're in a bit of trouble unless you're in a unit of Terminators. AP3 is cancer to Space Marines. Not even the toughest Black Templars are immune to the holy cleansing of the Holy Orbs.

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live
Now then, here is the vow I was talking about. Now that we have these new Storm Shields, I'm thinking I may try a full Terminator Army. 30 Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers striking at Strength 9. I'm already at initiative 1, and I can't go any lower. Auto-glancing 95% of vehicles, and penning on a 2+. Combined with Tank Hunters, you are now striking at Str. 10!!! You can now penetrate a Land Raider or a Monolith on a 5+.

That's my thoughts for today. Continue the good Crusader brothers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So as you may know already, Games Workshop has released FAQ's for all of the Space Marine codices that have not been updated, and probably won't be getting a new codex for a while.

I was very excited when I heard about this at my FLGS. At first I thought everyone was pulling my leg when I took a invulnerable save on my TH&SH Terminator. "He's got a 3+ cover save!" "No, I've got the old Storm Shields in my codex. It's a 4+ in close combat only." "No no! It's in the FAQ that was just released." "...What?"

In this post, I will be going over what new possibilites this creates for our armies. Some units are a little more useful, but may or may not be worth taking still. Others are just much more awesome! 

Let's go over the Storm Shields first. This is probably what all Black Templars and those "loyal" Dark Angels players are most excited about. I have been seeing many many DA Deathwing lists popping up. But not so many Black Templars. I happy about this though because I don't want to play an army that EVERYONE plays. :)

Sword Brethren: This unit I'm on the fence about. They may buy Storm Shields or Combat Shields. In order to get them, you must first buy Terminator  Honors for the entire unit. So that's 50-100 extra points on the unit. Depending on the size of the game, that's a lot of points. Then, you spend another 10 points per Storm Shield. Thanks to the wording, you don't have to buy one for EVERY model. The codex is worded, "Models with Terminators honours may replace their pistol or close combat weapon with a Storm Shield."
For me, it is very tempting to load out the entire squad with Storm Shields. The unit becomes annoying like Wyches from the Dark Eldar codex. Only difference is that Sword Brethren have a 15% more chance of killing the unit with their higher strength.
Now lets take a serious look at this. The unit cost is 19 points per model, plus 10 points per model for Terminator Honours, plus another 10 points for the Storm Shield. That puts each model at 39 points. That's just one point shy of a Terminator with no power weapons. But you do get a free Veteran Ability. You can pick from Infiltrate, Furious Charge and Counter Attack. Also, unlike Terminators, Sword Brethren have the ability to catch the enemy when they run away.
The only thing you have to remember though is that this unit really doesn't hit any harder than your average Crusader Squad. It's still a unit of chainswords. Where 5 Terminators, costing the same as the Sword Brethren will be throwing power weapon attacks.
At this point, it's up to you to decide which you prefer. I will play Sword Brethren for fun, but I wouldn't bring them to a tournament.

This unit like a lot. Not as competitive as I had hoped due to cost. But useful and fun in a friendly game.
When I first heard about the updated Storm Shields, this was actually the first unit that came to my mind as becoming extremely useful. But that was before I heard about the sky rocketing cost in points for the storm shields. Originally they were 3 points each. 3 Points! 3 points for a 4+ invul was awesome. I rarely took them, but just knowing that I could do it was great. But now they are 15 points for the Assault Marines.
But what use does this unit have? For me, I always used them for solely popping tanks. Give them melta bombs and pop tanks. Last turn of the game? Contest an objective!
I may be moving points around to arm them with a few Storm Shields. Because just like the Sword Brethren, you don't have to buy a shield for every marine. You can have 1 or you can have 10. It's up to you which is just awesome. Now this unit, unlike the Sword Brethren, won't be seeking direct combat. This one is just popping tanks and surviving. Sit them on an objective with those shields and take every shot they can. 3+ Armor, 3+ Invul, and maybe a 4+ Cover. Sometimes the enemy denies you a certain save and this can make certain that you have one.

Anyway, that's my rantings and thoughts on Storm Shields in the units now. I'll talk about Combat Shields later as well as a certain Vow that I plan on using. And no, it's not Accept Any Challenge.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Progress and Speed Bumps

Alright, so my first painting project was the Stormraven. However, it was brought to a screeching halt. Instead of using the spray paint I normally use and taking the long route of painting it, I bought a more expensive brand. I prepped the model like I do for any other. But something went horribly wrong. A few minutes after spraying, I checked on the model. Turns out, it has a visible rough texture.
So this project is put on hold and I'm going to ask a friend if he could strip the model for me.

In place its place, I painted the majority of the Librarian Dreadnought. Here's what I've got so far.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ready to Paint! But...

The Stormraven is constructed and ready for its paint and blessings before it enters battle. The Librarian Dreadnought is constructed as well. I even gave it a nice dynamic pose without cutting or repositioning any pieces.
I bought some paint last night on my way home from the gym at my college campus in hopes of the possibility of painting today. Too bad it is 39 degrees... in TEXAS. This is just wrong.

I guess today there will be no painting. But, I do plan on going to the Games Workshop in Grapevine, TX today with both of these unreleased models; just to freak out the store manager, who is a good friend of mine.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stormraven WIP

So for my local retailer, I am painting their black box Stormraven. It's the model they get a month ahead of time to show off to potential shoppers.

Today, instead of playing Warhammer, I spent a few hours putting this thing together, WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS! So I was going on a single picture from the GW website. So 3/4's of the time was actually just staring at the picture.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black Templars vs. Salamanders Part 2

1850 Points - Annihilation - Spearhead 
Salamanders vs. Black Templars 

Being stunned was really a bit of an annoyance to my opponent. Literally everything except the two bikers and the rhino to the west were either stunned or in combat. The bikes closed in with my Land Raider and fired their melta weapons, only stunning it with the Multi-Melta. 
The Redeemer fired one hellstorm cannon with the Machine Spirit into my Thunder Hammer Terminators, killing only one. The rhino fired its storm bolter into the terminators as well, but failed to kill one with their armor save. It was a less than glorious shooting phase for the Salamanders. 
Being that my Champion was still in combat with the stunned Rhino, he continued to bash it with the Black Sword, causing it to immobilise and lose its storm bolter. However, the power fist in the squad with him was able to penetrate the rhinos armor and cause it to explode! Killing two marines inside, but unable to wound any of the other models in the 4" explosion. It would have been nice to see some of those bikes die. Oh well, once I got into combat there, I was able to kill one marine bike with the power fist. They then rolled their leadership for losing combat and actually failed! I elected not to attempt a sweeping advance, and let them run of the board. Being fast, you would think they would run pretty far. Well they only ran 6". I then followed them with my consolidation, to keep them running. 

Being stunned, my Land Raider couldn't really do much thanks to the older 4th edition Machine Spirit rules. But I could still fire one weapon at BS 2. Firing the twin-linked lascannon into the bikers. But not even the Emperor can save you when shooting with such a low ballistic skill. In the meantime, I moved my dreadnought around the wreaked Imperial Fists rhino in order to assault the bikers. Need to get them into combat and stop them from shooting my land raider for a turn. In the assault however, I was unable to actually hit the marine bikers, even with my Preferred Enemy. But at least the bikers were unable to plant their krak grenades on him. 
Up north, my Crusader squad that was fighting the bikers moved up and around to support the Emperor's Champion in his assault. Both squads fired into the Salamanders, but were only able to kill one. Still, every casualty counts. If my champion can kill three or four in on the charge before they can react, I am sure the assault will be a victory. 
Killing three marines on the charge, I was very happy seeing those Salamanders being picked up off of the table. In reaction, the Salamanders split their attacks. Sending two marines at each squad. However, they were unable to wound. The champions squad however was able to put out  a whopping seven wounds out of nine attacks. But the Salamanders stood strong, defiant in the face of annihilation! But it was short lived when the second crusader squad put out eight more wounds onto the Salamanders. Only three of them were saved, killing the entire squad. The two squads then consolidated in separate ways. One to help run the bikers off. The other stood behind the terminators as a support for them in-case the squad inside of the Land Raider was able to overpower them. 
Smashing their Thunder Hammers into the hull of the redeemer, they were only able to stun the vehicle. However I was able to destroy another weapon and chose the second flamestorm cannon. 

Turn four, my opponents second drop pod finally came in. Not that I was wanting it too... When it did, it landed in front of my land raider, firing its multi-melta, but missed. And yes, I was very scared. I was not ready to deal with a dreadnought with LC armed Terminators.
My opponent then moved his speeder to the other side of his own land raider and fired its multimelta into my rhino, trying to prevent me from catching up with his bikers and running them off the table. He was very successful. The rhino ended up with the explosion result and had a 6" effect, killing a marine in the Champion's squad. The heavy flamer on the speeder however was non-effective. 
His rhino sped down below the combat between my dreadnought and the bikers, trying to sink in with my Land Raider. We'll see if it does anything useful. It may have a chance because his Iron Clad is within' assault range. In the result of its charge, it was able to immobilize it. This is something that I really had hoped wouldn't happen. In return though, my own thunder hammer terminators were able to stun and immobilize the redeemer. I was hoping to wreck it so that I may assault the squad inside in my own turn. 

In the fourth turn, something hit me. I had not been rolling for my own reserved unit of Assault Marines. So I brought them in via deep strike right behind the iron clad. They scattered towards it and thankfully were able to stay far enough away to not suffer from the mishap table. From where they landed I had to get my plasma pistols as close to the sights of the rear armor of that dreadnought as possible. However they were ineffective. 
My land raider obviously couldn't go anywhere and fired into the dreadnought straight ahead with it's twin-linked lascannon, causing it to explode.
My LC terminators moved towards the oncoming rhino in hopes of assaulting the unit inside. But, this would only happen if I could wreck it or cause it to explode by shooting it with the other twin-linked lascanoon, and my opponent failed his cover save from me firing through a unit. And guess what! It happened! The Rhino blew up and killed one of the bikers in combat with my dreadnought and one of the passenger marines. Up north, I needed to get my Crusader squad close to the biker marines to run them off of the table. My champion's squad fired into it as well and shook it. The Marshal and his command squad fired and stunned it. So if my assault fails this turn, it will turn out better on my next turn. 
Moving into the assault, my Champion's squad charged into the speeder stunning it and destroying its melta weapon with the power fist. 
My LC terminators were able to pull a multiple assault thanks to the wording of the rule book. A single terminator was able to charge the attack bike will the rest went into the tactical squad. The bike was dead outright with three power weapon wounds. The tactical squad was able to put four wounds on the terminators, killing one. However, the terminators put twelve back onto the tact. squad, killing all of them. With the consolidation,  I moved both the terminators and the dreadnought towards the redeemer, in hopes of finally assaulting the squad inside.
My TH Terminators finally smashed open the redeemer, causing it to explode. None of the terminators inside died however.

Turn five. The final push before the roll for the end. Claiming those last important points. 

Unfortunately, in my opponents turn, I gained a point right off the bat thanks to the bikers running off the board. 
The Iron Clad backed away from the Land Raider and positioned itself to fire it's heavy flamer into the Assault Marines, killing three of them.
Back over with the Terminators, Vulkan Hestan unleashed the fury of the Salamanders Chapter. Aiming his gauntlet heavy flamer towards the terminators, he hit two of the four, and caught five of the marines in the command squad behind them. Both terminators died as well as two of the marines. After, the drop pod in the center of the fight fired into the command squad, killing the final chainsword wielding marine. 
Both the Terminators and the Command Squad rolled for their righteous zeal, passing their leadership and only rolling a 1 for both squads. The Assault Marines do not benefit from the Righteous Zeal rules however, so they rolled a normal leadership test and passed. 
Moving into the assault phase, Vulkan and his terminators assaulted my own terminators. Vulkan attacked first, killing both terminators. Not good... But, it they did make their points and held Vulkan and his squad off for a while, freeing up other squads. 
In the combat between the Dreadnought and my Assault Squad, I was able to stun it once, but the dreadnought killed one of my marines. So that was a tie combat.
And my Champion and his squad was still in contact with the speeder that didn't move, thanks to it being stunned. The ending result was a wreck thanks to the power fist. 
 I moved my dreadnought towards the drop pod in the center of the field in hopes to get another point if I assault it. Strength seven with the tank hunters special rule. But all I got was a stunned result. So I fired my lascannon from the land raider, but it got a cover save and passed. The other drop pod had the same story. 
Every other unit that was not pre-occupied I moved in to kill Vulkan and his terminators. They were going to die. First thing I did was throw in my Marshal's Holy Orb of Antioch right over Vulkan, hitting him and three of the terminators. Wounding all four, but killing none. Worth a shot. Everyone else fired their pistols, failing to kill any of the terminators. 
Assaulting in, my Marshal attacked at initiative six thanks to furious charge. Focusing all of his attacks on Vulkan, I hoped to kill him before he could attack back. Dealing out four wounds, Vulkan was able to save two of them with his 3+ invulnerable save. Luckily, I had my champion in base to base contact with Vulkan as well, thanks to his Slayer of Champions special rule. 
Vulkan struck back at the Champion, knowing that he had a better chance of killing him than the Marshal. And my opponent also just wanted to insult the Templars. But, he failed. For the Holy Armor of the Emperor's Champion can not be broken. Even by the weapons of the primarchs, like the Spear of Vulkan. 
Striking back with the fury of the Emperor in his heart, the Emperor's chosen champion dealt back four wounding hits onto Vulkan. More than enough to kill him. And that is what it did. Vulkan failed three of his invulnerable saves. 
Now it was the Terminators turn to finally unleash their power. Splitting the attacks, two of the terminators struck the command squad, killing everyone. The Marshal, apothecary and the fighting company champion, all dead. Only one marine from the Crusader squad, not lead by the Champion, was killed though. 
But not even with a 2+ armor and 3+ invulnerable save, can you survive the overwhelming amount of attacks thrown at you from both assaulting Crusader squads. Every terminator was killed. 
Back over at the combat between the dreadnought and the assault squad, there was much glory to gain. Dodging the single dreadnought attack, every marine survived it's fury. Planting two melta bombs to it's hull, there was a massive explosion that had about as much strength as a dwarf grot. 

Rolling to see if the game continues, we rolled a 5. My opponent then respectfully reach his hand forward, requesting to cease fire and give me my victory. It was a great game. One that I definitely needed to improve my list. And one to show that Black Templars can best over-whelming numbers any day.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Black Templars vs. Salamanders Part 1

So today I had nothing to do. Sounds like a great day for some 40K right?

1850 Points - Annihilation - Spearhead 
Salamanders vs. Black Templars 

I brought my camera, in hopes of getting some great pictures of the battle. But sadly, I realized that I had forgotten the memory card. So, we will have to do with Vassal 40K pictures.

My opponent deployed first, splitting his forces in two, while gaining a bit of cover at the same time from the building. My deployment was rather clustered. I knew my opponent had a drop pod coming in on the first turn. Inside would be a dreadnought armed with a melta. Now, I could have prevented this by putting my forces in reserve. But as of lately, I've been having some unlucky rolls for my reserves. Always rolling just short of what I needed. So, I put some faith in my dice for the attempt to seize the initiative. Was I successful?

Nope. First turn, my opponent spread his forces out as you can see. Trying to corner me from the looks of it. It was actually pretty scary, just seeing how out-numbered I was. Something I will go over in the future in another blog post. Everything moved forward from it's deployed position. The Rhinos moved all out, while the Land Raider moved 6" to get out some fire. The unit of bikers to the north moved 12", but didn't fire. I honestly do not know why. And the speeder flew south, moving all out into cover. Meltas fired from three units. When the drop pod came in, my opponent really wanted to sink his teeth into my Land Raider, confidently dropping in within' inches of my hull. Luckily for me, the pod scattered directly up, landing on the edge of the building, thus guiding itself over to the right. Luckily for him, the melta was just in range, so he could get a shot. But it failed to hit, even after the re-roll for Vulkan.
The same thing happened with the Land Raider, which fired at the Razorback w/ Lascannons. Fortunately, although it did hit, it was unable to scratch the paint of my holy armor. As with the Bikers coming around from the left however, they were able to hit my second Razorback armed w/ Heavy Bolters. Luckily for me, I was able to roll a 5 of my cover save from the wrecked Rhino placed between us.

Now came my turn. It wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be. But, it was better than my opponents. Razorbacks moved straight forward, firing. The lascannons fired into the Rhino directly ahead, but twin-missed. The heavy bolters fired into the bikes up north, and took out one biker. Not enough to force a leadership; which would have been awesome if they failed. 
The dreadnought moved over the tank traps with ease, firing into the bikers to the west. Got a bunch of rending shots into them, taking out 3. The storm bolter failed to wound. 
The rhino behind followed up from behind the dreadnought, and popped smoke. Now my Land Raider is holding back, even though it is transporting some Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws. Patience is key in Warhammer. I instead maneuvered back a bit away from the Iron Clad, firing lascannons into it's face. I was able to destroy a weapon, and chose the melta arm. 

Well after my first turn, I took quite the beating. Luckily, his second drop pod refused to come in. One less melta firing at me. Well here's what went down. Both razorbacks were popped. The Redeemer fired into the Emperor's Champion's Razorback, causing it to explode. One marine died from the explosion allow for a righteous zeal movement. The other Razorback was popped by the bikers, killing one of the marines. Again, allowing another righteous zeal.
Bikers from the west fired all three of their meltas into my dreadnought. All three caused an explosion result. I ask to re-roll them, thanks to being a venerable. This time, he rolled two weapon destroyed and a stunned. 

Will I be able to recover? 

To an extent, I was able to get back on my feet. I was able to stun 4 units, and lock another in combat. One of my reserves came in via deep strike with the help of a Teleport Homer placed by my marshal who got out of the Rhino before it swung around to open the line of sight for my Land Raider. Firing both lascannons into the Redeemer, I was able to stun it and destroy one of it's flamestorm cannons; picking the one that could get the most marines without moving too much.And then I used the machine spirit to fire the multimelta into the Iron Clad, stunning it.
My Marshal was able to fire his storm bolter at the speeder and actually glance it twice, stunning itas well.
The Champion's squad assaulted the Rhino, stunning it. And then the other Crusader squad assaulted the bikers to the north, killing two. Unfortunately, they passed their leadership and didn't run off the table.

That's the first two turns. More to come tomorrow.