Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Alright lets talk about Combat Shields.
I'm not too happy about this because of the fact that it's now a 6+ invulnerable save. It works all the time, but it's still only a 6+. I would much rather pay the 5/10 extra points for the 3+. Sure, you can attach it to the pistol and keep your extra attack. But the key to the game in my opinion is SURVIVABILITY. My current list that I'm playing with is built around this rule. It's a mechanized assault with either units that are very durable in close combat, or kill everything before it can be hit back. So the Combat Shields are a no go in my opinion.

Holy Orb of Antioch
It has now been changed to a normal blast weapon, meaning it scatters now. This isn't too bad because the guy who is throwing it is at BS5. In the past, you would just roll to hit as normal like a pistol, and once you hit, you then place the template. No scatter and a lot of fun. But there was always that chance on a 1 you would miss. Either way, for 10 points, glancing a high armor vehicle or wounding a high toughness unit on a 2+ is just great. The downside to this is... Being a Assault Weapon, you're most likely throwing it at the unit you are about to assault. What if it scatters onto yourself? Well now you're in a bit of trouble unless you're in a unit of Terminators. AP3 is cancer to Space Marines. Not even the toughest Black Templars are immune to the holy cleansing of the Holy Orbs.

Suffer Not the Unclean to Live
Now then, here is the vow I was talking about. Now that we have these new Storm Shields, I'm thinking I may try a full Terminator Army. 30 Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers striking at Strength 9. I'm already at initiative 1, and I can't go any lower. Auto-glancing 95% of vehicles, and penning on a 2+. Combined with Tank Hunters, you are now striking at Str. 10!!! You can now penetrate a Land Raider or a Monolith on a 5+.

That's my thoughts for today. Continue the good Crusader brothers.


  1. Actually, those Storm Shields don't add much invulnerability to your marines. They are much better, but except for really powerful things you rolling the same save (if you're facing a lot of really powerful things then now you are that much better). But it doesn't seem like that'll do the trick.

    As for the Orb, the chances of it scattering back on you are quite small compared to what you can do. Alternatively, you could use it on a vehicle to get an automatic glancing hit, or use it if you are only a little out of range to assault.

  2. @Devjon... The Storm Shields add so much. Having a 2+ 3+ now is actually pretty awesome. Especially after you factor in their Veteran abilities.

    Holy Orbs are indeed awesome. Always take one when possible. 10 points that is well worth it.